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The Church of the Gregorian Armenians (Karasun Manuk)
Situated in the centre of the city, it was recently restored. A Foundation protects its goods.

The Greek Orthodox Church
Situated in the centre of the city, a Foundation protects its goods. Before the Annexation to Turkey this area was inhabited essentially by the Greek Orthodox.

Church of the Melchite (Greek Catholics)
This church is situated in an area which was inhabited exclusively by Catholics. Other Catholic Churches were built in this area. Frightened by the annexation of the Sangiaccato to Turkey and foreseeing a catastrophy, the pastor of this parish ran away. For a short time the church remained in the hands of the community. After that the Administration of the Turkish Foundations took over so that like all the other churches it was abandoned. The Administration of the Foundations gave this church to individuals who have transformed it into the billiard hall and hairdressing parlors.

The Latin Church
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The Church of the Syrian Catholics
This church is at about a hundred meters from the Greek Malachite Church. It has had the prestige of having had as leaders great future prelates. Besides it is famous in the city thanks to the cinema which was set up there. Rev. Father Youssef Chahine was the pastor of this church until he died in 1936. He is buried in this Church. He wanted Rev. Father Philippe Beylouné as successor. However, he was recalled to Aleppo for his violent position against the Turks. Following this he became the Syrian Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo and was responsible for having built a new Cathedral in that city. Rev. Father Antoine Hayek took his place. He returned to Aleppo at the time of the Annexation. At the death of Monsignor Beylouné succeeded him as Archbishop. Elected Patriarch he is still today head of the Community of Syrian Catholics at 95 years old. An appreciated author he continues to write. A second point of the notoriety of this church is that the person who rents it uses it as a cinema hall and projects “X” films. Recently an ordinance of the Turkish Prime Minister has requested the Adminstration of the Foundations to dismiss the tenant and to restore it as it was originally. When the work is completed, it will be for the use of the Siro Catholic Community, unless it becomes a museum.

Church of the Melchite Greek
It is also this comprised in the restoration plan.

Church of the Maronites
At about two hundred meters from the Latin Church, this church was expropriated and demolished. In its stead was built a police station for the area “Yeni Sehir”. A very elegant way of eliminating the churches. This is the same case for the Chaldean Church .

Church of the Chaldeans
This church was situated on the boarder of the street which skirted the nave of the Cathedral. It was cut off to build a sidewalk for the street it skirted. It was entirely demolished and in its place a commercial centre was built.

Church Armenian Protestant
A church was in construction for the Protestant Armenians. Being inactive it was abandoned at the moment of the exodus. After that it was taken over by the Turks who reactivated it and made it into a Mosche: Fatish Camii. It is situated behind the “Iskenderun Lisesi” (The High School of Iskenderun).

The Chapel of the Anglicans
It was a part of the English School “Bes Temmuz Ilk Ögretim Okulu”. July 5 th elementary education school.


The Mosques of Alexandretta
In the city there are two mosques: “Ulu Camii” which is frequented by Sunni Arabs, and “Mamidiye Camii” situated in Turkish quarter.

The Synagogue
There was only one synagogue in Alessandretta. It was abandoned after the exile of the Jews toward Israel . It still exists and is inhabited by the only Jew who remained. Thanks to him it is outside of the running of the Administration of the Foundations. It is situated in a small street perpendicular to the street in which the Armenian Church is situated.


Government school “Rüsdiye”
At the government school called “Rüsdiye” Arabic and French was taught. It is at present the “Kurtulus Ikl Ogretim Okulu”.

College of St Joan of Arc
This college was run by the Brothers of Christian Schools. It opened in 1912. Besides French, Arabic and English they taught bookkeeping, typing and shorthand, music and also good manners. The teaching was completed by a Licentiate. Furthermore, this college had a ‘free' school for young refugees, It was only for boys as was the custom in those days. The courtyard of the College was open even on holidays to allow the young people to go in and play games.There were all kinds of games. Actually it is now the Licentiate School of Iskenderun. More ınformatıon.

The catholic French school (S. Yosef)
The Religious of St Joseph of the Apparition ran this school. This was one maternal school. It opens in 1923. It was a girls' school, but they accepted boys for infant school. In any case they did not have not was a pensioner like these nuns here had in other cities. The studies were completed with a Certificate of Studies in French and Arabic. In more they taught to the children the pianoforte , the painting and the jobs of sewing. “Connected to the school they had also a dispensario, the school was free and the nuns had founded the Congregation of the Enfates de Marie” (testimony of 1913). Its building is puts into effect it them Mithat Pasa Ilk Ogretim Okulu.

The Italian School (Santa Teresa)
The Italian school was held from the Carmelitan Nuns of Campi Bisenzio. Also this was one feminine school. There was is the elementary school and the medium. This school was run by male and female Religious. They taught Italian, French and Arabic. The music lessons were much appreciated. The courtyard of this school stayed open to young people during the vacation period. Many young people Aleviti of the area went to this school and then went to work at the Maritime Agencies. After the bombing this school was closed.

The English School
Run by Anglican missionaries, good English and Arabic were taught. It stayed open for some years after the annexation because it was not included in the Franco-Turkish treatise which had as an objective the annexation of the Sangiaccato of Alexandretta to Turkey. It was first sold to the Zarif Family with all the property and dependence, but was later bought by the Ministry of Education. It is actually “Bes Temmuz Ilk Ögretim Okulu”: July 5 th Elementary Education School.

The Greek School
This school was near the Greek Orthodox Church. Greek, Arabic and French were taught there. It closed with the annexation and was demolished.

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Armenian Gregorian Church
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Melchite Church
Latin Catholic
Syrian Catholic Church
Melchite Greek Church

Maronit Church

Chaldean Church
Armenian Protestant
Chapel of the Anglicans
Government school
College of St Joan of Arc
French School
Italian School
English School
Greek School
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