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2008 June

23 June 2008
Conferences of the Symposium on St Paul -Iskendeun
In the afternoon of the first day of the Symposium the conferences were held at the Commerce Rooms of Tarsus. Then on the 23rd they continued at Iskenderun.


22 June 2008
Opening of the Symposium on St Paul
Sunday June 22nd the opening session of the Symposium on St Paul “Paul of Tarsus –History, Archeology, Reception” held by His Excellency, Monsignor Luigi Padovese and by the President of the Antonianum University of Rome, Professor Paul Martinelli. At 11 o’clock there took place the solemn Concelebration presided by His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper and participated by all the Bishops, priests present, as well as the representatives of the various religious-confessions and very numerous local and foreign participants.


21 June 2008
Ceremony of the Opening of the Pauline Year
On the afternoon of June 21 was held at Tarsus at the Church dedicated to St. Paul the religious ceremony of the solemn opening of the Pauline Year. Present for this special occasion was the presence of the Pontifcal Delegate, His Eminence Cardinal Walter Kasper, the Nuncio, His Excellency Monsignor Antonio Lucibello, all the Bishops of the Bishops’ Conference of Turkey and representatives of other religious confessions present in this land. Besides, there were numerous faithful come from all of Turkey as well as from other countries: groups from Italy and Germany. In the afternoon the civil opening of the Pauline Year took place near the well of St Paul with the participation of civil authorities of the city and of the regions. There followed two concerts, one from the choir of the Opera of Mersin and the Rainbow Choir of Antioch which choir presented songs of the various religions. It was very beautiful ceremony enjoyed by all present.



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