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2007 June

30 June 2007
Symposium on St John Chrysostom
From June 23 to the 26h , 2007 there was held at Iskenderun a Symposium on St John Chrysostom, the XXIII of the annual symposiums, at which professors from various universities of Italy and Germany participated.


29 June 2007
Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
On the occasion of the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul we had the visit of Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne. He also visited the Church at Adana and the city of Tarsus.


25 June 2007
The mother of our Bishop rest in peace
The mother of our dear Bishop, Monsignor Luigi Padovese, Maria Piccolo Padovese, died suddenly on June 25, 2007. May she rest in peace.


10 June 2007
Feast of the young people
This year the feast of the young people was celebrated in a vocational key. 40 youong people of the Vicariate of Anatolia participated in the Holy Mass of the newly-ordained Capuchin Father, Mesut Kalayci. Later in the afternoon, after having been challenged in various games etc., they heard and listened attentively, to the witness of Father Mesut and posed questions inherent to vocation in general and of his in particular.


03 June 2007
Children’s feast
About 70 children from Mersin, Adana and Antioch got together with those of Iskenderun at the seat of the Vicariate of Anatolia. After the Mass presided by our Bishop, Monsignor Luigi Padovese, and the common meal, there were games and teams of activities for all. This was succeeded by a real catechetical contest ending up with the prize-awarding for the winners of the games and for those of the contest. The ice cream break was enjoyed by everyone and the children (some with their parents) left very happy with a good bye till the next feast!



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