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2005 September

25 September 2005
Feast of the Civilizations
From September 25 -30 the First Congress of “Meeting of the Civilizations” took place at Antioch, the city where different faiths and different cultures have lived in peace and tolerance for centuries. This meeting took place at the Campus of the Kemal Mustafa Atatürk University in this Turkish city. It was organized by the Interreligious Citizen Committee – which is formed by the leaders of the diverse religions present at Antioch and presided over by the Head Officer and the Prefect of Hatay – and which Congress was inaugurated by the Turkish Prime Minister Tayip Erdogan. All the religious leaders of Turkey and thereabouts were the honored guests. As representatives of the Vatican the Apostolic Nunzio Monsignor Edmond Farhat and two Bishops who came from Rome. Monsignor Luigi Celata, secretary of the Pontifical Council for interreligious dialogue and Monsignor Franco Croci, economic secretary of the Holy See. Other religious exponents present: the head of the Religious Affairs of Turkey, Ali Bardakoglu, the Patriarch Bartholomeo I, (Greek-Orthodox) and Mesrob II (Gregorian Armenian) the head officer of the Turkish Jews, Izak Aleva, the Syrian Orthodox Bishop, Monsignor Yusuf Cetin, representative of their patriarchate in Damascua, the representative of the Syrian Catholics Yusuf Sag, the Apostolic Vicar of Anatolia, Monsignor Luigi Padovese, the representative of the Caldeins Francois Yakan and the Greek-Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo, Paul Yagizi as representative of his patriarchate. On the 26th of September all the people at the meeting, including the various Ambassadors of the republic of Turkey went to vist the Mosch Habib Neccar, the Grotto of S. Peter, the Synagogue, the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.


07 September 2005
Visit of Italian Deputies
On September 7-8 there was a visit of 40 Italian Deputies with their families at Capadoccia. Our Bishop, Luigi Padovese spent a whole day with them and after celebrating Holy Mass helped them taste, even though very briefly, the beauties of Capadoccia and areas around it..



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