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2005 May

11 May 2005
Conference on Ecumenism
On May 11 – 14, 2005 the Greek-Orthodox Bishop of Aleppo, Monsignor Paul Yagizi invited Monsignor Luigi Padovese to give a conference on Ecumenism directed for a group of the people of his Church who work for the Unity of Christians. The Bishop’s Vicar, Fr Domenico Bertogli, accompanied him. They were guests of His Eminence Paul Yagizi who has a very large community of Greek-Orthodox of the Arabic language. (Besides) They also visited the Greek Catholic and Syro-Catholic Bishops. At the conference given by Bishop Padovese there were present Caldean and Armenian Bishops as well as the Vicar General of the Melkites. The next morning while on the way to the Franciscan church for Mass, they met three Friars among whom was a well-known friend of our Bishop, fr Paquale Castellana – “a living encyclopidea” – very fraternal and hospitable. At Aleppo the celebration of the month of May is very much felt with enormous participation and special devotion of girls dressed in blue with a white Franciscan cord. The Orthodox Archbishop then accompanied his guests to Cirro , a city north of Aleppo and today the area of the Kurds of Syria. It was the city of Teodoreto (V Century) and the place of the martyrdom of Cosmas and Damian under Diocletian (303). One can see the remains of the huge basilica dedicated to them. There is also a very big theatre, though abandoned centuries ago.



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